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New Alberta Cancer Regulations
April 16th, 2006

WCB Regulations ( Magnus)
(Consolidated up to 249/2005) ALBERTA REGULATION 102/2003 Workers� Compensation Act FIREFIGHTERS� PRIMARY SITE CANCER REGULATION Definitions 1 In this Regulation, (a) �Act� means the Workers� Compensation Act; (b) �non-smoker� means an individual who has not smoked a tobacco product in the 10 years prior to the date of diagnosis of a primary site cancer. AR 102/2003 s1;249/2005 Designated cancers and periods of employment 2 For the purpose of section 24.1(4) of the Act, the primary site cancers and the minimum period of exposure for each disease are the following: PRIMARY SITE CANCERS MINIMUM PERIOD OF REGULAR EXPOSURE TO THE HAZARDS OF A FIRE SCENE -Primary leukemia 5 years, -Primary site brain cancer 10 years, -Primary site bladder cancer 15 years, -Primary site lung cancer in non-smokers 15 years, -Primary site ureter cancer 15 years, -Primary site kidney cancer 20 years, -Primary site colorectal cancer 20 years, -A primary non-Hodgkins lymphoma 20 years,